Sustaining Innovative Environments

Often the word innovation is used in businesses, throughout organizations’ mission statements, and in healthcare. So when I think of an innovator I often think of people that have inspired myself, brilliant, someone who has made a difference in the world that leads to positive change. A person such as Steve Jobs can arguably be […]

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week 12: healthcare financing

Part of health financing entails universal coverage, which includes allocating funds to promote efficiency and equity (WHO, 2015). These funds, if available, determine what services exist and available for use, regardless of the setting. Funds help determine the health services provided including treatment, prevention, promotion, and rehabilitation. So how is healthcare paid for? In developed […]

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Week 10: Change Theory

    The development of new policies aimed to improve clinical outcomes incorporates a number of characteristics, one being a process of planned change. In prior blog posts, implementing state mandated reported for CLABSI in NICUs has been suggested, as it has shown increased use and compliance with protocols and bundles resulting in decreased CLABSI […]

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Week 9

                Policy Governing Access to Data and Privacy Protection in an Electronic and Genomic Age   As technology improves we can expect to see more use of electronic data within the healthcare setting. Not too long ago I started my nursing career and I have already seen such […]

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Week 8

Private Sector Innovation & Policy-Making   More so healthcare today is being shaped by private sector innovations. These innovations are improving quality of care and safety while making the system more cost-efficient. Although there are many great government programs in place, it is essential private sectors are involved in our healthcare system to create balance. […]

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Week 7

As described by Kraft & Furlong (2015), one example of public policy implementation in the U.S. is the enactment of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act by the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid services (CMS). In an effort to improve quality care and health outcomes, CMS supports and encourages the use of new tools […]

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